Seven from Heaven

Seven from Heaven

The theatrical installation, SEVEN FROM HEAVEN by Hans Peter Trauschke, is based on creation myths all over the world, starting with the myth of the Tonga Indians, the native inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin, and ending with the first documented creation myth of the Sumerians.

The Tongva believed in a force without gender or form, called Quaoar, who danced and sang the world into existence and set his created order upon the shoulders of seven giants to protect it. The SEVEN FROM HEAVEN, hovering atop the modern skyscrapers of our world, are an intriguing juxtaposition of fairy tale figures that have escaped from a mythical narrative into the real world. These miraculous 120 foot tall helium filled sculptures do something with our minds. They are surprising, illogical and overwhelming, and turn the cityscape into a metaphor.

These SEVEN FROM HEAVEN are truly powerful, and when they dance atop the skyscrapers of our world, they will rule the skies and open our minds.
Trauschke questions, which created order would we put on the shoulders of these seven giants today and under which circumstances a created order becomes supportive for all life. SEVEN FROM HEAVEN illustrate a simple but powerful realization: Responsibility in action begets perfection. When we take responsibility at the same moment we act or create, destruction becomes almost impossible. A created order, based on responsibility, enriches all life and is worth to find the protection of the SEVEN FROM HEAVEN.

After the angels has levitated above the Jersey City waterfront skyline, where the project shall start, they will become international ambassadors to mega cities around the world, such as Vancouver, Paris, Mexico City, Guangzhou, London, Mumbai, Tokio, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei and finally Los Angeles.

Ultimately, more than 100 million people will see this art installation live.