Seven from Heaven

Seven from Heaven

The theatrical installation, SEVEN FROM HEAVEN by Hans Peter Trauschke, is based on the creation myth of the Tongva Indians – the native inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin. The Tongva believed in a god without gender or form, called Quaoar, who brought peace to the world by setting his created order upon the shoulders of seven giants to protect it. The SEVEN FROM HEAVEN, hovering atop the modern skyscrapers of our world, is an intriguing juxtaposition of fairy tale figures that have escaped from a mythical narrative into the real world.

SEVEN FROM HEAVEN illustrate a simple but powerful: Responsibility in any human action begets Perfection. With SEVEN FROM HEAVEN we embrace the possibility that when we humans accept our individual responsibility fully – and in all areas of our lives – humanity cannot act but god-like. The traditions of indigenous peoples taught us to act responsibly for seven generations into the future.

Trauschke’s question for us is, which order would we put on the shoulders of these seven giants today? Seen this way, these miraculous 120 foot tall SEVEN FROM HEAVEN figures do something with our minds. It’s the cultural equivalent of falling in love. These “Angels” are surprising, illogical and overwhelming in their beauty, and turn the cityscape into a metaphor.

After the angels levitate above the Los Angeles skyline, they will become international ambassadors to mega cities around the world, such as Vancouver, Paris, Mexico City, Guangzhou, London, Mumbai, Tokio, Rio de Janeiro and Taipei. Ultimately, more than 100 million people will see this art installation live and 2 billion people will see it via the media.

These SEVEN FROM HEAVEN are truly powerful, and when they dance atop the skyscrapers of our world, they will rule the skies and our minds.

Working closely with the owners of the skyscrapers and the City of Los Angeles, Trauschke will bring his vision to life on 4th of July 2016.

“These Angels will create a sight that will be sure to focus the eyes of the world on the brilliant skyline of downtown Los Angeles in a whole new way.” – President, Sister Cities of Los Angeles, LA City Councilmember, Tom LaBonge.

“Hans Peter Trauschke’s SEVEN FROM HEAVEN will be a thrilling installation that will create an instant iconic image of the heart of downtown Los Angeles.” - LA City Councilwoman, Jan Perry.