Seven from Heaven

Seven from Heaven

The theatrical installation SEVEN FROM HEAVEN by Hans Peter Trauschke is the illustration of a myth in which 7 giant Angels free the world from destruction throughout their laughters. This myth evolved out of creation myths around the world. It starts with a myth of American Indians and ends with the first documented creation myth of the Sumerians.

In the American myth there is a force without gender nor form, called Quaoar, which sung and danced the universe into existence. Singing and dancing can be translated as information and movement, the two forces one needs to create matter. After Quaoar was finished, it setup its created order upon the shoulders of seven giants to protect it. The laughing SEVEN FROM HEAVEN, hovering atop the modern skyscrapers of our world, are an intriguing resurrection of fairy tale figures that have escaped from a mythical narrative into the real world to present us the might of their laughter. These miraculous 120 foot tall helium filled sculptures open our minds throughout their loving laughter which is surprisingly overwhelming and turns the sky above the cityscape into a metaphor.

These SEVEN FROM HEAVEN are truly powerful and when they dance, sing and laugh atop the skyscrapers of our world they will rule the skies to open our minds.

After the angels has levitated above the New York skyline, they will become international ambassadors to mega cities around the world, such as Vancouver, Paris, Mexico City, Guangzhou, London, Mumbai, Tokio, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei and finally Los Angeles.

Ultimately, more than 100 million people will see this art installation live.