These giant 7 Angels appear like a miracle. They do something with our minds. It's the cultural equivalent of falling in love. The feelings of a unique experience, a strong emotional impact, like the eclipse of the sun. It's surprising, illogical and overwhelming in its beauty. These Angels turn the whole landscape into a metaphor. They are breaking through the sphere, increasing the meaning of facts. This Angel project has a consecration of its own. These Angels provokes a chaos of our usual metaphors. A kind of an avalanche of values.



7 - a perfect number 

For millennia, the 7 was a symbol of happiness and perfection. Secret information are encoded in symbolic forms. There is the Wolf and the 7 Kids, Snow White beyond the 7 mountains to the 7 dwarfs. We dream about the seventh heaven and see 7 wonder in the world. There are 7 colors in a rainbow. We know 7 virtues, the 7 sisters (Pleiades) and 7 lucky gods. 7 giants protect the world in the Tongva creation myth and last but not least there a maximum 7 games played in a playoff series.



After the angels did levitate above the Los Angeles skyline, they will become international ambassadors to cities around the world, such as Shanghai, London, Mexico City, Tokio, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, to name a few.

These angels are truly powerful and when they dance in the skies over the cities of our world, they rule not only the heavenly sky.