Seven from Heaven

Hans Peter Trauschke

Educated in acting, directing and set-design I am working in theaters and arts since 1984. My artwork is based on storytelling and trying to present mankind at its best; humorous, surprising, loving and magical. During my student time at the Studiotheater in Munich, I had the special pleasure to work with Gunnar Petersen and Martin Sperr (Winner of the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis). Later in my own theaters I worked with Miriam Goldschmidt which performed the “Happy Days” from Samuel Beckett directed by Peter Brook. These 4 theatre magicians thought me a silence that only in theatre exists and where a breath can unfolds the power of a hurricane.

After 10 years daily in theaters I moved 1994 from Munich to Dresden and conquered the public space with theatre and art. Here I produced also my first theatrical sculpture WÆNDE. Theatre went in the background, so sculpting could take over and directed me to the “Seven from Heaven” project. It is the only project I ever worked on that came as a vision to me, and ever since 2005 I was searching for the content that produced this uplifting image of 7 Angels levitating above the skyscrapers of our world. During my research I first found the creation myth of the native inhabitants of Los Angeles, in which 7 giants protect the world, created by the invisible force QUAOAR. Myths around the world and the unanswered questions of mankind became henceforth the main content of the project. Who are we? Why are we able to destroy our world? What is the force behind our destruction? Which force is behind the idea of gods? Which role plays information for life and how does our brains receive informations? I would like to see this project as a new creation myth based on the scientific knowledge of mankind, that leads us to a creative and loving society. A society that supports life in all forms and has answers to prevent us from our recurrent destruction.

I think that the energy I’ve spent, directed me to the source of this destruction and am convinced that these 7 Angels have powerful answers to defeat it.

Creation based on love, is one of them.