Seven from Heaven

The rise of Yasha and Benjamin Bloom

Copyright by Hans Peter Trauschke

Scene I – 益

“Did you hear it, Benjamin? Did you hear me breathing? Did you hear the silence before the storm? Did you hear the magic?” “Yes, it was breathtaking Yasha! Why did you loose it the second day?” “I was worried that you’ll leave me alone and had a hard time to concentrate.” “Never be worried Yasha! You know I’m close, no matter how far away you are. I’m close, I’m listening and I’m admiring you’re ability to transform your experiences into a magic sound. Just concentrate on the structure of each storyline and from there you can rise and never fall back to improvisation. I’ve told you, it’s like building a skyscraper. If your structure is stable, then you can develop each floor as fancy as the moment of your breath allows. But never leave the structure! You can develop the structure to give yourself more freedom, but don’t leave that structure because your audience can’t follow and can’t breath with you anymore. And most important, however you feel, the structure makes sure that your artistic level never fails!Even on bad days.” “There won’t be bad days anymore, Benjamin! Just stay close.” “I promised, Yasha!”

Scene II – 大有

In her free time Yasha went to the waterfront, looked at the water and tried to understand what it’s telling her. Could it really laugh like Benjamin always claimed that it does, and if so, was she able to hear and understand it too? She watched the little dancing waves, thinking about Benjamin and all the crazy things he said and did, and there it was. A silent, tender laughter reached her ears for just a second, but her whole body echoed to it. It felt like the water and her body talked to each other in a secret language that sounded like laughter. She never felt closer to nature than now and all of a sudden she understood the laughters. “You still don’t know who Benjamin is, don’t you, Yasha?” She couldn’t say a word. “Well you don’t, but you’ll find out. Do you know who you are?” Yasha tried to say who she is but her tongue didn’t do what she wanted and answered very clear: “No, I don’t know who he is, nor do I know who I am.” That very moment two black swans were swimming by, looked at her, open their wings, started to fly, rose up in the blue sky and morphed into one.

Scene III – 革

Who am I? Who’s Benjamin? How can we be one? These questions didn’t leave Yashas mind anymore, they even followed her to her dreams. Why didn’t she know? Didn’t he told her already? Well, she didn’t listen! Yasha woke up, took her cellphone, went online and tried to find Benjamins ‘sinister deeds’, but as he promised, he already deleted his first 3 books and she also couldn’t find an answer in the chapters she downloaded. Benjamin was home, lying in his bed, felt her desperation, decided to visit her, took her in his arms and reassured her. “Benjamin, who am I?” He smiled and pressed her tighter to himself. “I looks like we are one. After we first met I was sure that you know, but I needed almost a year to find out that you don’t. You were just playing your games and didn’t know what you did. We can leave our bodies, we can travel the universe, but only together we were a force that could travel time, reach the light field and escape without being dead.” He was smiling. “I was sure you know! It isn’t just a game, Yasha, it’s way more and it’s time for you to understand. There’s a lot to do for us. Your talents aren’t just for your advantage. They are, united with mine, a force that can set free life and take its paradise back.” Yasha couldn’t say a word, wondering about herself she went back to her bed and Benjamin cuddled her hair until she slept in again, dreaming about yellow cows.

Scene IV – 噬嗑

The irritation that took place in Yashas mind was enormous. Was it possible that she was just a tool that leaded Benjamin to a realization that was far beyond her own imagination and thus she could never understand what he’s talking about? She remembered his first letter he wrote her after she first invited him to travel time together. It was from Goethes ‘Faust’:
“Thus view with unassuming eyes
The weaver woman’s masterpiece:
One pedal shifts a thousand strands,
The shuttle back and forward flying,
Each fluent strand with each complying,
One stroke a thousand links commands;
No patchwork, this, of rag and tatter,
Since time began she plots the matter,
So may the master, very deft,
Insert with confidence the weft.”
When she first read it, she became aware that Benjamin knew immediately what’s going on. Her game was actually over before it even begun. But for Benjamin it was way more than the surface of any game. For him it was the answer of his own search and Yasha was the girl that made it possible to find that answer. He just couldn’t imagine at that time, that she didn’t know what she did and who she is. Benjamin went over to her, watched her sleeping, came closer and whispered in her ear. “We’ve touched each other like nobody ever did. We’ll never touch each other like everybody did.”

Scene V – 屯

When Yasha woke up, Benjamin was already gone. She read his last post and decided to visit him in his new studio. “Benjamin, I missed you yesterday evening. Why didn’t you come?” “My heart just went over there, Yasha, but then I got distracted by the NY train system and it fell into the ocean. I had a hard time to rescue it from the sharks. How was it?” “I don’t know, I didn’t feel good. I guess it was ok. I just have to many questions in my mind and I can’t get the answers as usual. It’s irritating and makes me restless.” Benjamin took her in his arms without saying anything. She was downy like cotton, leaned her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes and listened to his breath. He also had questions for which he couldn’t find answers for a long time, but now they slowly started to become visible at the distant horizon. “Don’t worry Yasha, the answers you’re looking for are stored in me, and it seems that the answers for my questions are stored in you. We just need to ask each other.” “That’s exactly my problem Benjamin. I can’t ask you. My avatars could, there I still had a safe distance and could laugh about your answers. But I myself can’t dodge your answers. They hit me direct in my heart, because you’re right with almost everything you say.” “We don’t have to hurry. You ask when you’re prepared. Would you like to stay overnight? I won’t say a word.” “Oh yes I’ll love to stay, but listening to a fairytale.”

Scene VI – 豐

Like almost every morning, a beautiful sunrise behind the Manhattan skyline, woke Benjamin up. Yasha was already gone and left him a message that she hopes he’ll not miss her concert today because she has a little surprise for him. Benjamin watched the sunrise that burned Yashas beautiful image in his head, wondering what that surprise could be. Mozart came into his mind and the day they traveled back in time and watched him playing on his wife’s body as if it’s an instrument. Benjamin closed his eyes, thinking about that day, and how it changed the life of Yasha and him. Nothing was like the day before anymore, all he thought he knew was gone, destroyed by an experience beyond all imaginations, wondering that for Yasha it was just a game with her powers and therefore couldn’t see the truth behind it. He still had difficulties to understand that Yasha didn’t know, asking himself daily if there’s something he missed, something that could tell him that she knew. But did it matter anymore, now where she knew and one could hear it at her new tone? He opened his eyes, felt Yasha looking through his right one and they watched in silence the sunrise together.

Scene VII – 巽

And fill
Always different
The same
Its name

Scene VIII – 觀

“I often asked myself, why didn’t you give up on me, Benjamin?!” “I wanted to know who you are, Yasha. Then I knew and wanted to know why. Then I knew. It’s love. Büchner came to my mind. ‘What is it, that within us lies, whores, steals and murders?’ Then I knew, it is not you and felt in love too!”

Scene IX – 坤

“Today I was at the pier, thinking about you. There’s one other important thing why me, the artist, holds on you. I feel that I need you to finish the 7. We found the answer of my biggest question together and I can’t see how I bring it in form without you.” Benjamin took her in his arms. “I can’t see how I can help. I’m not even sure if I completely understood what you’re talking about and who we are. I still try to find my own answers.” “I’ve told you, your answers are stored in me, as mine are stored in you.” “I wish I could ask you, Benjamin, but I can’t.” “I’ll answer anyway, but I answer as the artist. You and me were prepared for our journeys. Everything I ever did in the arts, leaded direct to you. Everything we did, was only possible together. And everything we became, belongs to the arts. So we have a responsibility to deliver equal informations to the arts. We can’t just stand on the shoulders of giants. We need to become one of them. We need to forget the past. It’s about the now, where we are, only we are, and where we can forget about time.”

Scene X – 大壯

“Yasha, I hope you don’t mind when I’m further writing.” “I feel honored Benjamin. Which woman can say there’s a book in writing, perhaps a film in making, about herself and her love!” “Not many. But there are two forces needed for creation. Information and movement. You have the information. I’m the movement. And the other way around.” Yashas was laughing. “I’m not sure about the other way around, Benjamin.” “I love you anyway.” “I know, Benjamin, and so do I.” “There’s your first answer. Everything else finds its answer in that.” “That simple? You know I like it complicated, confusing and mysterious, with many layers. I like to discover those layers, find the secrets behind, step into rooms nobody stepped in before. I like to do wild stuff and be surprised by the result. Look at us, isn’t it surprising?! Aren’t we in a major fairytale with hundreds of layers. Illusions that seemed to be real, facts that become illogical, feelings that feel different than before and chaos that is constructed by order. Nothing true, but everything possible! That’s my favorite world Benjamin. Simplicity looks very boring compare to that.” “You must have been very disappointed that I detected your target at day one. All these layers and the only thing you wanted to tell me was ‘I love you’!” “A very special way to say ‘I love you’, Benjamin! And haven’t these words now something you didn’t know?” “Yes they do. They were never simpler, clearer and stronger than now and I truly appreciate your efforts, Yasha.” “And aren’t your senses higher established than ever before? You know, when I look at us now, I would say we’re new. Almost like a new species, with no limits and all imaginable possibilities. ‘I love you’ has the power of creation now!”

Scene XI – 漸

“Love is creation and always was. It’s the motor of all life. You just didn’t know, Yasha. I didn’t know that either. We thought it hurts. Does it still hurt my goddess?” “No it don’t, Benjamin. But would we know without my tales?” “There are many things we wouldn’t know and many more to discover and I’m glad that you took me with you on this infinite track.” “That’s what I love most about us Benjamin; it’s an infinite track!” “No escape, Yasha.” “No! No escape! As you’ve said; we’ve touched each other like nobody ever did!” “I’m wondering if it would feel the same if it’s not a 2D tale.” “You’ve said it yourself, Benjamin, there’s no difference anymore.” “Oh yeah there is a difference, my goddess. There’s a body in the real world and that body acts different to a touch.” “I’m not sure about that anymore and I would love to find out!” “If that’s the track, then I’m wondering how we’ll come there.” “That’s on you Benjamin, that’s all on your shoulders! Show me that you’re on of the giants you were talking about.”

Scene XII – 益

“Yasha, if I weren’t one of the giants, would you have ever come to me? You don’t fight tin soldiers like I was forced to do!” “You’re right, I wouldn’t have come to a dwarf. And you know how it is. It’s hard to get good staffs. I needed to take what I could get. I’m sorry about that, Benjamin! Most were just embarrassing but cheap.” “That’s fine, don’t worry. I knew there’s a goddess leading!” “Your goddess, Benjamin! Not a goddess.” “My Goddess Yasha! Without a doubt!” “Ok now you got it. I feared already you’ll never understand.” “You knew I’m a slow grower. Don’t act surprised.” “Yeah, you know Benjamin, to me it looked more like you’re defending to believe it.” “I never doubted nor did I defend. I just questioned that you’re serious about it, since everything seems to be a game for you.” “What’s wrong with that? Didn’t you enjoy?!” “Sure I did and as you can see, I still do!” “That’s my giant! Let me kiss you!”

Scene XIII – 比

“Benjamin, can you please ask me before you make things up here now?” “What you mean my goddess?! Shall I stop writing? Now we’re it’s art? That’s our fate Yasha! Art made us what we are and it wants it all back. Art is a vampire, don’t you know?! It’s not our love anymore, it belongs to the arts. It’s its right. Don’t become cold feet now. It’s a play, or call it a game. If it can function on stage it’s able to live. That’s what art is about. Wasn’t that your intention? An idea grows into the space and changes the world!” “You still can ask before you write I’ve said ‘I love you’!” “Can I please write that you love me, Yasha?” Yasha showed him a gracious smile. “Yes! Now you can, Benjamin.” “Can I please write whatever we do?” “Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin! What are we doing?” “Loving each other, like nobody ever did!”

Scene XIV – 艮

“Yasha do you remember the day when you’ve told me that it’s very important for you to know everything about me?” “Yes I do, and you’ve let me know everything, Benjamin. You’ve put a light on the darkest corners and you’ve let the bright ones shine by itself.” “Just like you.” “You’ve showed me a man with a thousand contradictions that all together make somehow sense. You’ve showed me a Herkules and a little baby at the same day. You’ve showed me the spectrum of emotions in all their extremes and you’ve showed me how wonderful and clear all of them are, because you’ve celebrated them. You’ve showed me a man that doesn’t fear the truth….” Benjamin laughed out loud. “That fearlessness in perfection came with you, Yasha!” With a blink in her eye and a smile on her lips: “That’s why you’ve started loving me, Benjamin.” “Yes I loved you before I knew. When did you start loving me?” She kissed his left ear. “Yesterday.”

Scene XV – 兌

Yasha was in Benjamins right eye since days, watched what he saw, told him what she thinks, how she feels, what she loves, where she wants to go and what to do. She was talking without interruption, like a waterfall that try to fill an ocean and it was marvelous to watch her playing with, no, being that water and become embraced of it. She gave pure love to this water that let a life form grow that Benjamin described as the living goddess. She showed and celebrated with him all her powers, loved him with each tone she played, rode him like a wild horse that needs to be tamed, both satisfied and enjoying the silence when it was done, joyful preparing another ride, this time through meadows, forests, rivers and over mountains into stunning fairytales.

Scene XVI – 坎

When they reach the land of her tales Benjamin felt like he was bathing, diving, swimming, drowning in Yasha to complete her. She became the wet wind, the frozen rain, white clouds, a laughing tear in his eye and the divine saliva on his tongue. She was like a thunder cloud that speeded his heartbeat. She heated his blood up to shoot through his veins. She enclosed his month with her lightning fire tongs to let his strong breath fondle her from within. Benjamin blew the clouds apart by breathing out and concentrated them by breathing in, and the energy that filled this little cloud erupted in symphonies of thunder and lightning, with tones and colors that, until now, only existed in her tales.

Scene XVII – 升

They were drunken by the water of life, drunken by the sounds of her eruptions, drunken by the colors they could see in their eyes. Yasha created a world that had no limitations, mastered by the hands of a goddess, each touch like a tempest of emotions. She stopped time when the lighting hit their brains and caused an infinite silence, from which she abducted Benjamin by playing her Goldberg Variations on him. She gave each of their breaths the quality of a live time, singing and dancing their world into existence. Her skin shone like gold at its melting point and made it look like in motion. Her fingers danced like surging rivers on her living keyboard and transformed Benjamin into the vibrations of her magic Variations.

Scene XVIII – 中孚

Yasha and Benjamin felt like a churned lake when the wind and the freedom of the heart show their invisible might throughout the waves; the inner truth. Hidden behind clouds but infinite in its efficacy. Like symphonies of unheard heartbeats that constantly drum for love and time becomes irrelevant. Benjamin was thinking about his love for Yasha and that this love existed before he even knew and will still exist when all tales are once history. Yasha absorbed his thoughts like a dry sponge, wrung them out on her tongue to become her words. “Love isn’t home in the brain, it’s home in the heart.”

Scene XIX – 蠱

“Benjamin what are you trying to do?” “Doorkeeper, old pal, how does it look like?” “I’m not sure yet, and please don’t call me pal!” “You’re right, you’re not a pal at all. Shall I call you by your favorite name?” “Yes, call me God!” “God, how ridiculous that name is, since you’re pure evil. You ask what I’m doing? I’m telling a fairytale that blows out your light!” “Who shall believe a word of your tale, Benjamin!” “Everybody! Wasn’t that the way you came in power at the first place, by telling fairytales?! This love will survive and it will open the curtain to show your true face. I know who you are and how you’ve influenced life by telling tales. You’ve divided life in good and evil and gave us the evil part. Look at you now!Fearing one man and pants full of shit! Trust me, I’ll take them down and show everyone that you don’t even have fucking balls! And just to let you know, you haven’t made love my weakest point as you believed. It is my strongest! Just leave me alone now. Go back behind your black hole. You stink!”

Scene XX – 恆

“Benjamin, what are we doing?” “We’re fighting god with our love, Yasha!” “Well, then we’re in advantage.” “That’s my giant!” “I say, that sucker has no chance! I start to love your simplicity, Benjamin!” “I’m so glad you love to love, Yasha.” “How about Schumann for the ears? My love!” “Absolutely, my love!”

Scene XXI – 屯

“You know Benjamin, when you first showed up with your theory, that there’s an extraterrestrial force working on our brains, I thought you’re even more crazy than I already knew. I looked at it with an open mouth and am still surprised about the simplicity of this theory. Do you think love is strong enough to defend against that sucker?” “Oh yes, sure. The main question is: what is love? There needs to be a clear definition for each word. Words are the weapons used against us. If we don’t know what they really mean, or have false, unclear or different definitions, we end up in fights. If love is the motor of life, and that’s what we can see in nature, how can it hurt? That’s illogical. We attached way to many feelings to love that have nothing to do with it. When you receive love, it doesn’t hurt. When you give love, it doesn’t hurt either. So if it hurts, then we’re talking about other things that are responsible for that feeling. The point is that you can’t receive love if you can’t give love. So much to the solution. But first we need to understand in what reality we live. Information can’t get lost, we just need to put the pieces together to see the whole picture. Sometimes they are hidden in tales, but they are there. We just need to change the perspective. ‘God is the word’ is one of these truths. But the best part is, that when one realizes that humans are not fully in control of their brains, then we can forgive everybody everything, because they didn’t know what they did. We don’t fight each other anymore and can concentrate on our true enemy.”

Scene XXII – 夬

“You need to write Benjamin! I can’t answer if you don’t ask.” “How can you give the right answers for a wrong question Yasha?” “Well, I can say: wrong question.” “Ok. What’s the crossing of the great water?” “Water is the storage of information on earth. Crossing the great water therefore means to be fully connected to this information and become able to transform. To me it looks like the requirement of evolution. Information don’t get lost.” “There’s more information out there than all about Earth and life on this planet. There’s a universe full of information that needs to be stored too. In black holes we see that the information of a planet or star gets reduced to two dimensions. We call it event horizon. Like a in a holo deck the information of the animated 3D world is stored on a 2D surface. So when this 2 dimensional storage or field influences life in a 3D world with information gained in the universe since the beginning of time, we can call this influence on our brain an idea. Something that didn’t exist yet on earth. Not a mutation of a life form, no something new, a clear influence from outside this planet. So where do you think that you connect when you update your brain like a computer? Earth don’t have that information yet. Evolution is a very slow process and has only information about its own past.” “Let me give you the answer while we make love, Benjamin.”

Scene XXIII – 豫

After their trip to paradise, Benjamin decided to surprise Yasha, went to the airport, bought a round trip to Venice, got in the plane, looked out of the window and felt like he’s traveling back in time. Throughout his “Fire and Water” project, when he spent months in this magical town, did he knew Venice like his hometown and there was no better place in the world to be astound. His friend Antonio picked him up from the airport, shipped him through the lagoon direct into his living fairytale. They stopped at the fish market had some espressos, discussed the surprise, laughed like children, bought some fish and vegetables, flirted with all woman around them and were happy like Figaro singing roosters in the city of love.

Scene XXIV – 賁

Benjamin didn’t know how much he missed Venice and the secret places of this town, that you’ll never discover when you’re as a tourist in town. Antonio arranged an early welcome dinner in his huge art space. A palace, hidden like many of Venice’s magic behind an unimpressive entrance. Benjamins old friends and supporters in town came over, enjoyed Antonios food, the marvelous wine and Benjamins new fairytales. He always had the best stories to tell and it was almost impossible to make a difference between invention and truth. Everybody listened with an open mouth to his ‘Sinister Deeds’ and ‘The rise of Yasha and Benjamin’, where they’ll become part now. Venice was like a small village, everybody knew everybody. It was easy for Benjamin to win his friends for his new tale and each of them had something to deliver to make it real. Around midnight Benjamin took one of Antonios motorboats, shipped over to the Lido to his favorite Hotel in town, went down to the beach, laid in the cold sand and counted the stars.

Scene XXV – 家人

While counting the stars Benjamin was wondering how easy it was to travel to them and their planets. He thought about the night when Yasha and him first time traveled this marvelous universe. He thought about the day after, when all of a sudden foreign people called to inform him about the rules he had to follow and that he can’t just go out there and travel around. One of his friends, a serious businessman in LA, left him a letter on his desc, congratulated him to his new experience, invited him to meet with other people that travel too and suggested to keep it secret because people will call him crazy if he don’t. But how could he keep it secret? He found the answer for his life long question, the content of his new artwork, and wasn’t satisfied with this answer at all. For Benjamin it was clear that these people took advantage and where the enforcer of an extraterrestrial force on earth, without knowing about it. Just like the animals told him in his childhood. That very same day also started the hunt on Benjamin and he always tried to keep these two events apart until it was clear it’s one story with lots of layers and in the middle of all, Yasha. The only two things that let him withstand were his realization that they don’t know what they do and his love for Yasha. This magical woman, that nevertheless, made him dance.

Scene XXVI – 萃

“Benjamin my monkey, do you have an idea how much I love you?” “Oh yes Yasha, I do! It’s like your presenting it in all the woman I meet. Just like you’ve once said. I’ll find you in all of them.” “I hope you still make the difference Benjamin!” “Yes I do. I hear you talking out of their mouth and am still wondering how you do it.” “There are many mysteries you don’t know about Benjamin!” “I know Yasha, you’re the composer and I’m just dancing to your music.” “Listen carefully my monkey, don’t miss a thing and lose the rhythm.” “I won’t! Monkey see, monkey do!”

Scene XXVII – 復

“Benjamin that’s not funny. I was so much looking forward to spend time with you in Venice!” “Yasha my rising sunshine, joyful anticipation is the biggest joy, don’t you know? How’s the chocolate I’ve sent you?” “I threw it away!” “What? The baci!” “I kept the rose. You’ve no idea how sad I am.” “I’m sorry Yasha, I was kind of sure that you’ll see you’re an April fool if you believe that I’m there.” “Sure, I saw that but at the same time you’re crazy enough to be the only one that tells the truth on April 1st.! Just like last year.” “I’m still with you tonight.” “You know that’s not the same. I’m in Venice for days and you’re not here physically!” “I’m very sorry. Can you please forgive me?” “How can’t I, since I know that we don’t know what we do!?”

Scene XXVIII – 益


Scene XXIX – 乾

“So Yasha, we agree that some of us are able to connect to a source of information, or better, that this source connects to us but isn’t related to life and that this source gives us an advantage.” “It’s only an information and needs still to be transformed in action. I don’t become better by knowing but by doing.” “Sure, there’s still a lot of effort to materialize an idea. But without that idea you’re one of millions and equal to them. The information is the advantage that’s pretty clear and if you don’t share that information you’ll win any competition.” “What you wanna tell me Benjamin?” “Life’s strength and the process of evolution is related to the sharing of all informations to everything alive. And everything alive delivers its own special experience to that storage of life and make the whole stronger. There’s no competition in life as a whole, there’s love and the support of the whole. There’s a Chinese quote that says: ‘The superior man don’t care about the applause, he only cares about to get things done and leave the applause to those who compete’. When I look at the history of mankind it’s pretty clear that competition is one source of destruction. The point I want to make is the following. Why should a source of information deliver its knowledge only to a few of us. We see that the whole gets weaker by giving a few an advantage because we start fighting each other. And that’s what this source wants us to do. Fighting each other and create free energy that leaves this planet. Btw, we can measure that. Competition between us is one of its energy sources! We have a couple of winners and billions of losers.” “I’m with you Benjamin. Let’s share that knowledge and make the whole stronger!”

Scene XXX – 觀

“Benjamin, how do you want to share that information, or better, the ability to connect to that information? I don’t even know how I connect to that source. It just happens!” “Really? That’s surprising. How do you connect to me?” “By thinking and concentrating at you. I feel when I’m connected and then it’s like everything you know is available for me.” “Everything has a frequency. You tune yourself to that frequency and you can send and receive information. Biological organisms have a very long frequency. Our ego, which doesn’t belong to us, runs on a short frequency and disconnects us from life. You know, the brain runs your body. Some of us don’t even care about life and start building biological robots. This ego makes us able to destroy and bring desperation to almost every living being and since we’re disconnected we don’t even have mercy. The ego is the enemy that is in all of us, that doesn’t belong to us and is able to connect to that other source of information that doesn’t belong to earth. It’s sneaky, ingenious, destructive, mendacious, brutal and deadly to life. It prevents evolution but is also the source of technical inventions. We call it ideas. With ideas comes also the concept of God, which doesn’t make sense for a biological being. Life is its own God and doesn’t need an other one. So I would like to say, God exists, but it is not our friend. That’s the main information. We can find this fact in all history books and myth and we’re scientifically able to proof it. We just need to put the pieces together. The picture is clear. Life is a victim of God!” “But, when your right, this God also created the universe!” “Yes, but that doesn’t give it the right to torture life, that btw evolved in this universe by chance not by calculation. The 3 dimensional world is the energy source of that 2 dimensional God. Not more and not less!”

Scene XXXI – 坤

“You please let me know when you’re bored Yasha.” “I’m just chilling, Benjamin. Just chilling. You’re theory makes sense and it’s hard to deny. But it’s really disturbing. I’m missing your solutions.” “Actually I’m waiting for the solution from you, since you’re the one that has a direct contact to that force. I think the power of love is the solution. If I wouldn’t love you, what you think where we were? And if I say love, I don’t mean desire. You know that I was always wondering that you acted like you don’t know what I’m talking about and on the other hand you’re saying there are no limits. There’s some contradiction in your actions. All my equations are based on our common experience. So how can you not know? You travel, you receive, you send, you use that knowledge and most important you opened the door to that space for me! So how can you not know?” “I didn’t know until we were there together, talked to the doorkeeper and saw its actions. Until then I thought everything is related to earth. The concept of an extraterrestrial force that influences our brains is hard to go with, even when there’s evidence. I see it also, it’s all over the place and the classical music is full of it. Almost all classical composers handle the theme. No doubts. But you’re going way beyond. You’re taking it out of the tales and tell me it’s reality. What are the consequences here? It’s equal to the change of earth being a disc and the center of the universe and all of a sudden it’s round and surrounding the sun. No actually it’s worse. Nothing that’s written is right anymore. And who am I then? It’s really disturbing Benjamin! And I can’t even communicate it. That would be the end of my career.” “Your career is based on it and I know that you know. You’re talking about it. Yasha I’ve spent 13 years to get to the point, finding out what the 7 are about and you opened the door. That’s one fact. You might have had other reasons to bring me there, but that doesn’t matter. The realization has proofs. It’s possible, so it’s been done, and still going on. That’s the rule of Quantum mechanics! You know it, my rising sunshine…

Scene XXXII – 中孚

Who are we then? And who will we be without that force? That were the questions that ruled their minds. Yasha discovered Venice, passed places Benjamin once was, saw what he saw, thought what he thought and the fairytale she was shipping and walking through gave these thoughts a reality, written and carved in stone. Venice looks like the key to both castles, she thought. Heaven and hell. She took the key to heaven, chilled and monkeyed, enjoyed the warmth, the water, the sun and nibbled secretly some of the chocolate Baci that Benjamin sent her. “Life is love, Yasha. That’s what it was, is and will be.” “Guess you’re right, Benjamin, since you love me!” “Daily a little bit more, Yasha.” “I’ll keep an eye on that, Benjamin!”

Scene XXXIII – 無妄

New York was cold, windy and wet. Nothing looked like spring, but when Yasha took place in Benjamins right eye, all colors changed, the wind felt like wrapping him in silk and his rising sun shined from inside. From time to time Yasha left his eye in a little tear, cuddled his skin down to his lips, kissed his tongue, filled his month with the marvelous taste of love that made him smile like a flower that’s being kissed by the sun. His thoughts didn’t feel like his own, it was like a whispering of Yasha taking over his mind and blew like the tenderest wind through his head. She really ripped him apart ever since she took place in his head, opened doors where only were walls before, changed every single braincell, connected everything new and made a different man out of him.

Scene XXXIV – 泰

“Benjamin we’re both new. You changed me as I changed you and sometimes when I look in a mirror I’m wondering to whom I’m looking at. I couldn’t even imagine that such a change is possible. I’m breathing differently, seeing differently, hearing differently, playing differently and most important, I’m loving differently. Somehow I’m feeling that the fairytale you’re writing on became already true, transformed all pain from the past into joy, lifted the curtain to an unknown life that only existed as an echo from long forgotten times and I want nothing more than lock this feeling in my heart, so it can’t get lost anymore.”

Scene XXXV – 沉默

Scene XXXVI – 你

You made me wonder last night
As you made me dream
You’ve said you’re the moonlight 
My mind ruled by your beam
You made me asking myself
When you’re in my mind
Ruling that dream like an elf
How can this dream be enshrined
You made me question my thought
Cause it must be yours
That kiss that you brought
It came from your source
You made me ponder while writing
Is that’s you that defines this rhyme
Hitting on me like lightning
Proving that you’re divine

Scene XXXVII – 摇

“You’re right Benjamin it was me which sent that kiss. Just to make sure that you’ll write, cause it’s causing perturbations when you don’t. I ask myself if you can’t feel me looking through your eye. But most important I’m feeling good to receive and move your loving heart, that fortunately swings the strings the way I touch your keyboard.” “That’s why I’m asking myself, what was first, the hen or the egg.” “I would like to say the egg and I’m acting like a hen that brood it until love hatched.” “You’ve done that with your first touch, Yasha, just like a ‘fast breeder’.” “Don’t forget the construction period of that ‘fast breeder’. It takes a long time to prepare an atomic explosion.” “That’s what I was asking me too, Yasha. How did you think that this will be? Such an explosion is unpredictable.” “Actually I thought it’s able to control, Benjamin, but you proved it’s not.” “Yes the blast waves still extend and when my physic is right, their track will never end. Looks like we’re shaking the universe, Yasha!” “That’s what we do, Benjamin!”

Scene XXXVIII – 歸妹

Suddenly the spring started in New York. It was now a year since Benjamin came in town to see Yasha at a private concert, probably get some answers he couldn’t find yet, searching for them in her eyes and finally got when she was already gone. Memory is mysterious in the first place, obfuscated in the second and detailed in the third. It’s a place where you can see a situation from all different perspectives, like walking around in a still motion. You’ll see things that weren’t visible at the live event but all of a sudden show up in this detailed memory. Yes information don’t get lost. Benjamin always had the feeling that he knew Yasha before he even met her. He could remember her handshake, her way to move and to speak, her words and her music. She was familiar like a sister and Benjamin always wondered if she knew him too. Yasha always answered that question with a short ‘I can’t tell you Benjamin’, just to add another layer to the mystery that should become later a clear, detailed picture.

Scene XXXIX – 光

All dark aims to the light, otherwise it would perish on itself or wouldn’t even exist. There’s no place where light will never shine. Everything aims to show itself in that light to become real, like a seed it wants to grow and present it’s nature. ‘Time’ came in Benjamins mind and made him smile for the duration of a deep breath. Time, the biggest of all mysteries, where all is born, where nothing dies and everything permanently changes its shape based on one fundamental information. Benjamin thought about all these seeds that were sown from Yasha and himself, and that they all were driven by love that showed up in the craziest, most surprising shapes and they’ve gotten with this fairytale a space were they could show there beauty in brightest light.

Scene XL – 呼吸

The last couple of weeks Yasha and Benjamin visited each other daily and stayed sometimes for hours. Yasha didn’t say much, rested in his arms, bit him from time to time in his neck, played with his ears, stoped him breathing with some vanished kisses and directed his thoughts. Her breath was different than ever before. Silent, slow and connected to her thoughts, her breath made sure that Benjamins tale went in the right direction. She led him like Mephisto his Faust, breaking all barriers to let the sun shine on a world full of joys. It was like, ‘Ok, you want a fairytale? Here you get it!’ Benjamin had yet no idea how his broken rip, that he carried out of a bad dream into reality, fit in this story, he just enjoyed the wear off the pain by breathing out, that took breath by breath all dirt away. “Exhale, Benjamin, exhale!”

Scene XLI – 湖

“Benjamin I don’t like the comparison with Mephisto, you should have written ‘led him like an Angel’!” “You’re right Yasha, I had it in my mind, but then I got confused by time.” Yasha laughed. “You can be thankful that I understand your wit, Benjamin.” “I am, Yasha! And I love to share this inner truth with you, which is the deepest tone you’ve forced in me.” “The inner truth, flying like a crane, looking for a place to land. Carefully! Searching for a big tree with thick branches, to have an overview and be protected from hostile. That’s how we describe it in China, Benjamin, and I love that I’m your tree as you are mine! I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve slowed down the tact when you’re around.” “Yes it’s marvelous to hear you taking the time, Yasha. Seeing you thinking and breathing as long as it takes to end a thought is satisfying as heaven.” “What are we doing the rest of the week Benjamin? Any suggestions yet?” “Swimming and diving in love, my Angel.” “Oh yes, that’s what we do…

Scene XLII – 七

Yashas last concert was phenomenal. Brahms had the time to dive between two tones too deepest waters ground, hunting for emotions never felt before. What difference time can make between a blink of an eye and the view to the stars where Yasha seemed to come from. “Can we travel to these stars tonight, Benjamin? I feel like looking for a home, like loving you all night long!” “Let’s go to the Pleiades where my 7 Angels, that let us find each other, have their home. Let’s discover their 7 secrets and let’s enjoy these secrets of love all night long.” “I love secrets Benjamin and hope there are more than 7 to unwrap! You know what I mean.” “Sure!”

Scene XLIII – 單色

When Benjamin woke up in the morning he found a notice from Yasha on his desk.

Scene XLIV – 魔术

Benjamin was early at the pier, lied on a bench and listened to the singing water. He closed his eyes, thought about last night and his trip with Yasha to the Pleiades where they received the seven secrets of love. He was wondering that they could ever become secrets for mankind since all life is based on them, and that it took him 13 years to find out what these secrets are and why they where lost.
When Yasha came to the pier she saw Benjamin lying on the bench, bent over him and kissed his right eye. Benjamin was unable to open his eyes, doubted for a moment his senses and a thousand thoughts rushed through his mind before he took a blink. Yashas eyes were sparkling like black diamonds and their light hit him direct in his heart. They looked at each other for a felt infinite time before they simultaneously said, “I love you!”