Seven from Heaven

Tongva myth

In the beginning was chaos. Then along came QUAOAR with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. He danced and sang the song of creation, and thus the universe began.

First to be created was WEYWOT, god of the sky. He joined in the dance and helped to create CHEHOOIT, goddess of the earth. This three-part harmonie created TAMIT the sun and MOAR the moon into existence.

Together these gods danced and soon the goddess of the sea, MANIT and the lord of dreams and visions, MANISAR, were created. When they joined in the creation, the bringer of foods and harvests, TUKUPAR ITAR, was manifested, and then TOLMOLAK, the sky coyote and finally SHISHONGNA, the goddess of the underworld, joined the creation.

These divine beings danced and sang together everything else into existence. They furnished the world with hills, mountains, trees, rivers and all animals. Upon finishing their dance, QUAOAR whirled and twirled once more, creating seven giants, upon whose shoulders he rested the world to protect it.

The Tongva are referred as the dancers (movement), which is one of the two forces one need for creation. The other one is information.